The Best Nightclub in Tokyo!

V² = V×V = VERTEX × VERTEX = supreme×supreme = to aspire to be something that is unmatched by anyone. V2 TOKYO will set forth a new culture from Roppongi, which is not only the center of Tokyo, but also a place that would not be understated if it were to be called the center of Japan. The mission of V2 TOKYO is to “make Tokyo the most coveted place in the country while gaining support from celebrities from around the world.” We will continue to shine from the penthouse of the Roppongi Roi Building to ensure that Japan will continue to be on the cutting edge of the world’s nightlife.

In addition to the delicious cuisine and beverages you can enjoy at V2 TOKYO, we also offer our costumers a stunning panoramic view of Tokyo nights-cape, We will continue our pursuit to be at the forefront of the entertainment industry that fuses both Japanese and other worldly cultures.